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We get lots of letters of appreciation.


We also greatly appreciate receiving your complaints and suggestions.
Maybe we did not notice something we are did, or, we may have not
realized how important something may have been to you; so we

didn’t take it into account. We are sorry. Let us know about it, please.






One of our favorite mottos is

 “We find good people for good companies.”


Very often we simply can’t help, which we regret, for these reasons:

- Our hiring-manager-customers don’t need the skillset of a particular person.


- The person’s skillset is in a work area where we don’t have customers.


- Resume: Hard to understand; poor spelling, faulty grammar; displays no effort


- Others: Short stays at jobs; “chip-on-shoulder’; pronunciation hard to understand.


We feel for job seekers. We’ve been the job seeker, too.

We get “it”: Trying to find work can be a very hard job!!


However, if you give us a nice “lets-work-together” attitude, our staff will often give free advice about where to apply, what to write and say, etc. Feel free to ask – “What can I do to improve my resume? Do you have any idea how I can be more affective at finding work.” And say Thank you, please. Although we only earn money if we succeed
in helping you find a job, we really love to help when we can. Some of our "templates" can be helpful. Have you
seen our Resume Preparation page? Have you read advice on the internet about how to organize yourself for an interview?


One more thing; we can each only do one thing at a time, to get it done right. If we
are working to help another person who arrived first, and who is the focus are our

job-seeking activities, we may have very little time to speak at that moment.


Please be patient.  


BUT if we have been unhelpful, please let us know what you would have wanted.
We commit to read and talk amongst ourselves about the problem, and if we feel
that correspondence will help, you’ll hear back from us. Thank you!


Complaint or Compliment


Please include

Your Name:   First,   Last


Email address:

Your message:


Please send to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Att: Ray Maxwell, COO


Thank you!

The Dynamic Teambuilders Staff

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Dynamic Teambuilders is the place to go for
Property and Casualty Insurance jobs
in Ontario and Alberta, Canada.
We care!




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